Stand Options & Costs

Inside Stands

We have a range of inside stands available ranging from 5.4 sq/m to 28.8 sq/m in size.

The price is $195 + GST per sq/m. Each stand has 2300mm high walls supplied by Displayworks.

The walls are covered with coal coloured velcro receptive fabric. You are also supplied with a 10 amp 4 way multibox and lighting. The floor area is carpeted.

Outside Stands

These stands are suited to outside friendly products and services - eg. Spa Pools, Fencing, Garden Sculputure, Fountains etc. The stands cover 6 x 3 m ($1170 + GST). You may erect your own gazebo/tent and there is access for vehicles if you have your own purpose built display trailer.

Stats from Queenstown Home Show Visitors

  • 87% of the Home Show visitors are in the 30 - 60+ yr age range
  • 38% female and 62% male
  • 79 % own their own homes
  • 29 % own rental homes
  • In the next 12 months 35% are planning to renovate
  • 11% will be selling a property
  • 9% plan to buy a home
  • 5% are buying rental properties
  • 39% are building new homes
  • 40% are upgrading their kitchens
  • 39% bathrooms
  • 29 % working on bedrooms
  • 38% will be redecorating
  • 31% are putting down new flooring
  • 26% are interested in energy efficiency
  • 28% in heating and ventilation
  • 23% insulation
  • 41% gardening & landscaping
  • 21% will be re-roofing and replacing spouting

Quote from 2019 Exhibitor

Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed being part of the Queenstown Home Show. The exposure to the people and businesses we needed to talk to was invaluable. It was a great environment to market test a new product and we have picked up leads that have developed into potential distributors. Also have to say we really enjoyed the interactions with the other exhibitors, it was a very friendly environment and we felt welcomed and encouraged - thanks again.                                      

Andy and Dave Irvine - Corromount